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about us

Rachna Toshniwal

artist | founder


A grassroots environmental activist by training, Rachna spent her earlier days working with indigenous communities, organic farmers, and protecting forests. Her interest in ecological consciousness and need for a more definitive shift in human-nature relations drew her to art as well as therapeutic processes.  


The Other Side was born from her search for the interconnections between nature, art, and inner transformation. Devised as a space that Jung called “a temenos, a magic circle, a vessel, in which the transformation…would be allowed to take place,” the Other Side aspires to break new ground in our relationships with ourselves, one another, and nature through creative, liminal, and sacred processes. 

“The integrity of wilderness and the integrity of art (are) the same thing, something to be honoured and protected as a wellspring of inspiration…”
 - Terry Tempest Williams


‘Coming Together’ in a playful, creative, and joyous way is the underlying vision of The Other Side Studio.

The Other Side Studio lends itself to exploration, experimentation, and investigation as we move towards healing ourselves, each other, and our planet.

The core intention is to respect and keep alive diverse voices and at the same time to commune and communicate with each other and with nature.

To look at the ‘Other Side’ of things, from various points of view, and through different avenues in order to strengthen our connection with ourselves, with others, and with nature.

It is an invitation to open ourselves to more elemental ways of living and being; to delve deeper into different ways of seeing; and to allow in the light and the shadow…

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